In Touch with Keystone: February 2019

Welcome to the February issue of “In-Touch with Keystone”

Welcome to our first issue of “In Touch with Keystone” for 2019. I trust your year is off to a fabulous start – I’ve had a busy start to 2019 with the arrival of two grandsons and having my 82-year-old mum in hospital.

Please take some time to read through this issue, which focuses on medical care options in New Zealand. I'd like to share with you an interesting article from The Herald, who ran a series on ‘Fair Care’ at the end of 2018. I hope you find it interesting – it also includes some links to other articles that might be of interest.

Can you rely on the public health system?

Private health insurance is important if you want to keep your medical care options open and avoid the disappointment and frustration of sitting on a public health system waiting list. This short video explains how health insurance helps you avoid waiting lists and ensures that you and your family can access the best services and leading-edge treatments available in New Zealand. Having health insurance means you are able to choose your specialist and choose when you have your treatment, and your insurer will pay most or all of the cost.

There are considerable differences between the types of health insurance available in New Zealand, with a variety of insurers to choose from. And, as with other insurances, the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best option. I have a friend who recently had a cardiovascular procedure done privately. This particular procedure wasn’t covered by one of the insurance options in New Zealand, so it's important to choose your cover carefully.

If you would like to talk through your options, please send me a txt or email to arrange an initial chat by phone.

Recipe of the Month

Cauliflower is packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It's also high in fibre and a brilliant source of antioxidants. Not only that, but it's a really versatile vegetable to cook with, as demonstrated by Nadia Lim's roasted spiced cauliflower with caramelised garlic yoghurt. This wonderful recipe can be used as a main vegetarian meal or a tasty side to your favourite meat dish.

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Upcoming health awareness events

Since we're focusing on health this month, here are some great health-based events happening around the country this autumn. Click the links to find out more about them and how you can get involved.

  • Run by the Cancer Society, the Relay For Life is happening again this March. This community event gives everyone a chance to honour those who have had cancer or cared for someone with cancer, and it helps to raise funds for the ongoing search for a cure. Anyone of any fitness level can participate.

  • Shine is a charity dedicated to eliminating domestic violence in New Zealand. They're encouraging everyone to Light It Orange from March 3 to March 9 to help raise awareness. Check out their website to find out how your workplace or community can help raise funds for this important cause.

  • March 13 is Walk 2 Work day - our national day to celebrate the many benefits of walking. Find out more about organised walks in your area at Living Streets Aotearoa

  • Support Kiwis living with blood cancers and get out your clippers during Shave For A CureAwareness Week from March 18 to March 24. If you're not quite ready for a haircut, you can always sponsor someone else.

  • The Blind Foundation is looking for volunteers for their Red Puppy Appeal on March 22 and March 23. If you've got two hours to spare, why not sign up? Being a collector or a donator will help the foundation breed and train more desperately-needed guide dogs for those with severe visual impairment.

  • Did you know that the St John Ambulance service is a charity? April 2 to April 8 is St John Appeal Week. Pop over to their website to see how you can support this indispensable service.

  • New Zealand has a poor track record when it comes to workplace health and safety. Run by the International Labour Organisation, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28 prompts a look back at 100 years of occupational safety improvements and considers the work still to be done. 

Thanks for reading

I hope you enjoyed this edition of "In-Touch with Keystone". If you'd like to provide feedback or have questions on anything we've covered, please contact me via any of the methods listed below. Take care, and I'll be back in touch soon.

Simon Walker